GRUB STREET, 101 Best New Cheap Eats Ranked

"This off-the-radar fried-chicken specialist dispenses its goods from a Park Slope takeout window flanked by a few outdoor benches and a narrow standing ledge. The fried chicken is crisp and juicy, and you can eat it straight, or have it tucked into a baguette, bánh mì style. The southern-meets-Asian flavor theme extends to the sides: There are black sesame seeds in the potato salad, Chinese sausage among the collards, and, as for the corn on the cob, it comes with sesame aïoli, lime, and togarashi." - July 2014


GRUB STREET, The Top 5 New (Cheap) Sandwiches

"Wangs subs a Runner & Stone semolina loaf for the traditional rice-flour baguette. Purists may not like it, but we do—a lot." - July 3, 2014


NY POST, 5 Exciting New Eateries in Brooklyn

""...Chef/co-owner Sara Nguyen serves up succulent bird bits that are brined in Asian spices for 24 hours, then breaded and fried Southern style. “It’s a fast-food concept that goes beyond fast food for people who like to shop at the Coop,” says Nguyen, a Per Se alum who focuses on sourcing quality ingredients, such as chicken from Paisanos and bread for her poultry bread from the lauded bakers at nearby Runner & Stone."- July 24, 2014


PARK SLOPE STOOP, Wangs Brings Asian Spin On Chicken To Union Street

Partners Sara...and Evan (who also owns Brooklyn Crepe & Juice) decided to open the space after Sara came up with the concept of offering some traditional Southern dishes with an Asian twist, like Korean-style wings, a fried chicken banh mi, and collard greens with Chinese sausage and ginger." - April 1, 2014


BRONTE BROOKLYN, NYC’s Best Fried Chicken: Wangs

"Another day, another new fried chicken joint.

Luckily, Wangs is more than just a funny name. This is seriously good fried chicken, all served from a cute walk-up window on Union St, Park Slope.

The organic chicken ... with plenty of lunch and dinner box options – is brined for 24 hours and is juicy and well-seasoned, with a classic Southern breading, thin and crackling. Even the white meat is succulent, which is hard to find."


Wangs is the kind of place anyone would want in their neighborhood.   Executive Chef Sara Nguyen is combining Southern cooking with Asian flavors.   The result is food that is simply too delicious to ignore.   Nguyen, along with her partner, Evan Franca (of Brooklyn Crepe & Juice), are serving up fresh fare from a kitchen about the size of a large closet.  Quality organic ingredients are being used along with earth-friendly packaging, including wooden spoons.

The signature dish is Wangs Korean-style fried chicken wings.  We devoured a batch of "hot" and "not so hot" wings.  They were nice and crisp on the outside and moist on the inside.   The wings are drenched in a special sauce and then sprinkled with black beans, green onions and slices of red chili peppers.   The combination is perfect and addictive.  Sides include an out-of-this-world corn bread served with a pat of salted scallion butter, and red potato salad with a black sesame aioli.  It is the best takeout I've had in quite some time.  So good, it didn't even make it home.



Soul food gets an Asian spin at this fried-chicken takeout spot, serving Korean-style wings, ginger-spiced collard greens and potato salad with black sesame and Japanese mayo. - April 9, 2014



It's all about Asian-style chicken at this small Park Slope take-out counter offering Korean wings, banh mi sandwiches and whole birds plus homestyle sides like potato salad and collard greens.